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Ultrasonic Detectors

SDT Ultrasound Solutions is , a 43-year-old global organization based in Brussels, Belgium, with offices in Canada, USA, India, China, and Colombia.SDT Ultrasound Solutions is the global thought leader for ultrasound based condition monitoring. SDT offers a balance of high quality instruments, intuitive software, top notch certification training, and strategic implementation consulting.

Ultrasound detectors sense high-frequency signals and convert them into corresponding audible sounds while maintaining their original characteristics and qualities. They give you the ability to predict failures, control energy costs and improve product quality.
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Electrical Inspection (Partial Discharges like Arcing. Tracking, Corona)
  • Bearing Condition Monitoring
  • Bearing Lubrication Monitoring
  • Steam Trap Inspection
  • Valve Inspection
  • Leak Detection (Compressed Air/Gas/Vacuum Leakages)
  • Marine Applications
Get the SDT Advantage : Single Solution Platform, Plant-wide Applications :
  • SDT solutions are very versatile and combine a host of features and accessories for the many types of asset inspections that are needed in any plant.
  • Easy to use, Internet connectable for data storage, management, remote monitoring and analysis
  • SDT solutions have also developed a phone based smart applications ( android and iOS based) that can show how air/gas/energy audit can be done using our systems with automatic  cost computation reports for ROI on leaks
SDT solution Description:
  • SDT solutions are very versatile and combine a host of features and accessories for the many types of asset inspections that are needed in any plant.
  • SDT Solutions are flexible/scalable with buy what you need now and upgrade as you go along in the future.


  • SDT U/s is  faster ( just few seconds inspection needed)  than conventional systems  such as  vibration analysis, motor circuit analysis, oil sample analysis or thermal analysis that take a lot more time and skill
  • SDT solution with minimal training, most asset operating technicians can be trained to use the system for inspection.
  • SDT U/s solutions very accurately predict using precise metrics of static/dynamic data (in dBuv), graphs and audio recording.
  • SDT U/s data  can be converted to FFT to compare with vibration data for the same asset for second opinion / confirmation of critical asset
  • SDT ergonomic portable solutions comes with
        U/s sensor
        Temperature sensor
        Dew-point sensor (humidity checker)
        Accelerometer for vibration analysis of the same asset
        Memory for recording of data and audio for assets
        A variety of accessories that plug into the SDT for different asset inspection.


    Solution also comes with SDT’s Ultra Analysis software UAS that allows you to get an enterprise wide dashboard of all assets inspected and action items

Product Image (Leak detector with camera LD 500/510)

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

Price: 325000.00 - 400000.00 INR/Set

Leak detector with camera - indicates leakage rate in l/min and costs

Product Image (SDT270 )

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Price: 780000-200000 INR

SDT270 Your Versatile, Portable Ultrasound Solution

Product Image (SDT CHECKERS)

Ultrasonic Checkers

Price: 220000-290000 INR

SDT CHECKER Range(Leaks | Lubrication | Steam | Tightness) Focused, Simple, Affordable

Product Image (SDT200)

Ultrasonic Detector

Price: 480000-630000 INR

SDT200 The Affordable Ultrasound Solution For Any Application

Product Image (SDT340)

Ultrasonic Detectors

Price: 1000000-1600000 INR/Unit

SDT340 with Ultranalysis 4.0 Cloud Connected Condition Monitoring Solution Detect, Trend, and Analyze Ultrasound and Vibration.

Product Image (LUBExpert)

Condition Based Lubrication

Price: 500000-600000 INR

LUBExpert Your ultrasound lubrication assistant

Product Image (Online4US)

Online Ultrasonic Detector

Price: 300000-1000000 INR

Online4US Online condition monitoring combining the versatility of Ultrasound with the power of Vibration

Product Image (SDT Sherlog)

Tightness Testing

Price: 290000 INR

Marine applications Tightness testing of hatch covers and on-board predictive maintenance program